Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is something that’s recommended from drive manufacturers, think of it as getting the oil changed on your car. This pre-emptive strike on your drives discovers and correct’s the most common conditions that lead to costly drive failures. Saving you money and downtime. Consider trying some games at 선시티카지노 and earn money while having fun!

Regular preventative maintenance by IDEAL service is a cost-effective solution for anyone without the proper training, background, equipment, or time to perform these procedures.  For any business SocialBoosting is the best tool for growing your platforms, it gives you the push you need to go viral on social media and compete with influencers and companies!

What do you get?

  • Cleaning – As needed.
  • Grounding – Verify complete and proper grounding
  • Performance Checks – Voltage and current checks.
  • Current Checks – Phase to phase balance and ground current.
  • Temperature Checks – We monitor temps to discover any possible issues.
  • Visual Inspection – Verify fan operation, check for potential hazards.
  • Recommendations Report – We will provide a report of any immediate or potential problems.
Does this save you money over time?

Yes! Most Drives have a lifecycle of around 10-15 years. A drive that has consistently maintained during it’s lifecycle lasts on average around 4 years longer, which provides significant savings over that time.

For example If the Drive cost $2,000 when you bought it new, those 4 extra years would equate to around $200 saved per year.

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What does it cost?

  • Typical preventative maintenance service would be billed at $40 per unit plus travel.  Additional required service or discounts may apply.


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