Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is something that’s recommended from drive manufacturers, think of it as getting the oil changed on your car. This pre-emptive strike on your drives discovers and correct’s the most common conditions that lead to costly drive failures. Saving you money and downtime.

Regular preventative maintenance by IDEAL service is a cost-effective solution for anyone without the proper training, background, equipment, or time to perform these procedures.

What do you get?

  • Cleaning – As needed.
  • Grounding – Verify complete and proper grounding
  • Performance Checks – Voltage and current checks.
  • Current Checks – Phase to phase balance and ground current.
  • Temperature Checks – We monitor temps to discover any possible issues.
  • Visual Inspection – Verify fan operation, check for potential hazards.
  • Recommendations Report – We will provide a report of any immediate or potential problems.
Does this save you money over time?

Yes! Most Drives have a lifecycle of around 7-10 years. A drive that has gotten Preventative Maintenance during its lifecycle lasts on average around 4 years longer, which saves you lot of money over that time.

For example If the Drive cost $2,000 when you bought it new, those 4 extra years would equate to around $200 saved per year.

What does it cost?

  • 10 or more units–$40.00 per unit, 1 hour of travel included. Travel charges after 1 hour billed at standard rate.
  • 9 or fewer units–$40.00 per unit, travel billed at standard rate.


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