Exchange Program

In order to minimize equipment downtime, Ideal Service has launched a servo/spindle drive exchange program.

IDEAL continues to offer our standard repair service with outstanding pricing.  Standard Repair 5-10 Business Days after approval.  However, for those that need to restore their equipment to service, Ideal is pleased to offer our new Exchange program.

Exchange Program Process

  1. We ship you the replacement unit.
  2. Then you use the same shipping material to send us your old drive.
  3. We must receive the unit within 10 business days of Ideal Service’s shipped date before additional charges.
  4. Acceptable returns must be undamaged physically and complete.

Exchange Terms

  1. Subject to availability
  2. Shipped with generic parameter settings in place
  3. Outgoing freight method to be specified by the customer at time of sale.
  4. Exchange price based upon receipt of the same part in an acceptable form.
All Exchange rates are listed alongside the repair and sale prices on our New and Used Drive’s page.


Warranty for Exchange units is our standard one-year warranty.