New & Used Drives

We have extensive relationships with many drive manufacturers, drive representatives, and drive distributors. Chances are good we have exactly what you are looking for.

Listed below are drives that we deal with most commonly, and usually have on hand. Because of this we are confident in knowing the pricing for these units, allowing us to be as straightforward to our customers as possible.

When you’ve found the VFD that you are looking for, or have a question for a drive that we don’t have listed, let us know by either filling out the form on our contact us page or by calling us!

To find out how our exchange program can save you money and downtime, go visit our Exchange Program page.

All our VFD’s come with a full 1-year warranty!


CIMR-PCU23P7DS025$450.00$700.00N.A.IN STOCK
CIMR-G3U23P7DS307$550.00$750.00$900.00IN STOCK
CIMR-G3U25P5DS308$650.00$900.00$1200.00IN STOCK
CIMR-G3U27P5DS309$750.00$1000.00$1400.00IN STOCK
CIMR-G5U23P7GPD515C-A017$550.00$750.00$900.00IN STOCK
CIMR-G5U25P5GPD515C-A027 $650.00$900.00$1200.00IN STOCK
CIMR-G5U27P5GPD515C-A033 $750.00$1000.00$1400.00IN STOCK
CIMR-MC5U2011$900.00$1200.00$1500.00IN STOCK
CIMR-G5U2011GPD515C-A049$900.00$1200.00$1500.00IN STOCK
CIMR-MC5U2015$1100.00$1400.00$1800.00IN STOCK
CIMR-G5U2015GPD515C-A064$1100.00$1400.00$1800.00IN STOCK


GlentekGA370-3$325.00$480.00N.A.IN STOCK
YaskawaSGDB-10ADG$750.00$900.00 N.A.IN STOCK
YaskawaSGDB-15ADG$750.00$900.00N.A.IN STOCK
YaskawaSGDB-44ADG$1100.00$1350.00N.A.IN STOCK